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sep 2013

# 04

O.O.O - Auto Haunts


Fractious drones underpined by glacial over-tones on this the final ever release from North West England's - O.O.O

"Dream-Haunts represented an attempt to channel dark hypnagogic dream experiences directly into my music.
However, instead of this having a cathartic effect, these horrors returned to soundtrack my future nightmares."


O.O.O - 2002 - 2011 (RIP)

The "Avalon" track from this release also appeared on CWK 024 - http://classwarkaraoke.com

EP artwork, photography and mastering - Eggblood



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august 2011

# 03

Epigon A.D.M - The volume of things falling from notice


epigon A.D:M hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland and makes deeply powerful, bleak but dramatic music.
 currentley residing in Berlin he melds taught angular beats with electro acoustic works awash with effects and distortion.

incorporating live cello, prepared turntable, samples and drones into haunting tones and a sea of space.
featuring rap attack from Noventa 90, Yem Senha and P. Wrecks and drum construction from Son of Bricklayer.

mastered by Eggblood

cover photo by Malcom Mcgettigan.


read a review @ - cyclicdefrost.com


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april 2011

# 02

JLIAT _ The Goldberg Variations Variations

Cassette C60


classical noise meets a modern interpretation of the classics...

"The Goldberg Variations Variations”, a deconstruction, reconstruction, re appropriation of music and noise.
territorializing deterritorializing Noise and Music via the physicality of media and ideology of sound… 
A tape in which music becomes noise and noise itself is coaxed out of music and the magnetic recording material.
A critique, exploration or documentation of Music?  A critique, exploration or documentation of Noise?
A work that raises more questions than answers.

 tape mastered by JLIAT.



side. A


Cassette Tape C60

Tape ltd to 20 copies




oct 2010

# 01 .

Mutation Of Illuminary_feat_R.A.M.oz_-_Chapter A_-_ Abscented at You

Portugese electronics and analogue squelches from Lisbon.

Machine music and sound research in its rawest form.

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